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0011690Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Generalpublic2021-02-12 08:112021-02-12 15:30
Uzu Bash 
0011690: MIA pets cause errors in historical relationships, crashes
Pets vanish after their unit is offloaded, and unless they're transferred to another owner, will never be seen again. This causes crashes when attempting to gift a vanish pet, and also causes crashes when attempting to tell stories about a person or creature.
Reloaded from before losing pet, was able to gift it and tell stories about histfigs.
More conclusively, by process of elimination: I moved to travel map to offload my character's unit and used dfhack to delete individual historical relationships from the histfig record, and returned to local map to test storytelling. Only by deleting all missing pets from historical relationships was I able to tell stories about people without crashing.
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Ah, possibly related to 0011227