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0011696Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2021-02-13 15:122021-02-13 15:15
0011696: Guard, Station & Patrol Duty soldiers cannot feed or drink assertively
Soldiers doing alternative duties to "train" or off duty are succeptible to neglect their food and drink needs beyond the rations they were initially given, and will only cater to their need of sleep until they perish without civilians catering to them when unconcious.
Send away all but a test group of dwarves (3 to 2 remaining, even 1 will do) and assign them all to a military squad set to active. Have no flasks or backpacks between them so they have no rations of food or drink or set their rations manually empty.

Create two notes with N, r for route, add a waypoint at either end of the placed notes and confirm the patrol-route. Walk your soldiers to death by copy-pasting the complete issued schedule for the entire year until they die of thirst mid duty. Alternatively create a burrow away from your supplies and task guards to it until they perish.

Station uses a similar system to notes in order to set up areas to wait with similar results.

If you have not sent civilians away, they will bring water to dwarves when they are sleeping in unclaimed beds which is the only time in the entire duration that the patrolling dwarves break rank.
Universally reproducible problem so no initial save, can add one on request.
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Requires patience, dwarves take a while to die, more likely to happen in a lively fortress while you're looking elsewhere as a silent killer. Related to 0010827

I only found out they get catered to when unconcious through accidental circumstance of them sleeping in a built unoccupied bed i made for my embark dwarves quickly, they have to be out stone cold before citizens help them. I have no particular idea why they are such sticklers to not recieve help at all ever while awake.

I was also making them march to research whether patrol thoughts still work, and whether regular patrol thoughts can acclimatize them to the outdoors stacked with rain exposure based on 0.34 wiki entries for the new 47.05 update.