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0011699Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Conversationpublic2021-02-19 07:452021-02-21 22:57
Uzu Bash 
0011699: Rumors dialog scales to functionally unusable within 1 game month of adventuring
The journal has improved, but the conversation option has gotten worse. The reason I labeled this feature severity is because adventurers are locked out of the intrigue system due to this. The rumors list quickly becomes so spammy that it takes minutes to open it even early in the career. Playing the game on SSD has made it quicker, but not by much, so I assume the entire table of data is being rebuilt every single time the player selects the Rumors topic, leaving out not a single trivial event.

Worse, when the list is finally displayed it's not sorted in any usable way, and filtering options don't make it more usable. Rumors aren't sorted by timeliness, significance, whether they're common knowledge, personal experience, or intelligence passed to you by a faction member or traveler. Filters don't narrow it down by names of figures or locations or regions or artifact names.
Play adventure mode and acquire rumors through gameplay. Read books (stealing and storing rumors), walk through the wilderness (encounters rumors with non-histfig wildlife) to any destination, tell stories or otherwise entertain
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