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0011713: Intelligent Undead Sent on Mission Return as Ghosts
I had my necromancer raise some of my dead dwarves as undead lieutenants. The undead eventually petitioned to rejoin as citizens and I was able to put them in my military. Two of them were part of a squad I sent to raid a Tower. The squad successfully avoided detection and returned with some loot.

Unfortunately, my undead were now ghosts. They still had all their equipment and remained part of their squad. They joined in for training exercises and could be ordered to parts of the map (which they would travel through walls to reach if it could be walked to,) but wouldn't engage in combat with hostiles.

Lacking a body to bury or re-raise, I slabbed them to recover their equipment.
1. Have an intelligent undead in a squad.
2. Order them on a mission.
3. Wait for their squad to return.
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Duplicate of 0011505
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It's got the exact same title, too. XD
I searched for "undead raid" and forgot to check for "mission" after I realized that was the general term.

Edit: I added "raid" to the tags of the other report, but that doesn't seem to make it appear in a search.

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I searched for ghost. Not many ghost bugs on the tracker. And yes, exact same title. Ha ha ha. :)