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0011731Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Locationspublic2021-03-26 01:162021-03-26 18:29
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0011731: Designating the same room as guildhall through meeting area and through chair/table gives vastly different values.
Designating the same room for the same location gives about 4-5 times less value than when designated with rectangle as meeting area. This could be crucial for building a guildhall. Designating the guildhall as a meeting area also overrides "members only" restriction set in locations. I haven't reliably checked of either removing the "m" marker from activity area prevents guildhall from functioning but it doesn't reduce the room value in locations.
1) Build an enclosed room with table/chair
2) Assign it as a meeting area
3) location - select existing guildhall, or add new guildhall.
4) Remove zone
5) Create study/dining room covering the same area as in step 2
6) Assign it to the same guildhall
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