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0011735: Mouse wheel doesn't zoom
Mouse wheel isn't zooming in or out on the map. I am using all the latest PyLNP with the latest version. I have Laptop with mouse highlighted. The mouse wheel changes the z-level though. Plan is possible, but highly difficult when you have a very limited view of the map.
Exit and reload 3 times. On third attempt I toggled "Mouse Controls" in DFHack tab, but no difference. I'm sure there is a setting somewhere, but I haven't found it.
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Mouse wheel control is a vanilla DF setting, not Dfhack. Whatever pack you're using (and often the graphics packs themselves throw in randomly changed keybindings for whatever reason) has changed the keybindings for mouse wheel zoom. Press esc, change the keybindings back to mouse wheel zoom. Or download vanilla.
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The keybindings you're using are not default keybindings, and this bug tracker is only for issues with vanilla DF. Please ask your pack maintainer for assistance. "PyLNP" is actually just the launcher used in many different packs, but because you indicated that you're using Windows, I'm guessing that you're using this one: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=126076.0 [^]

By following Shonai_Dweller's instructions above, you can also see what zoom in/out are bound to without changing them, if you like. They may be bound to [ and ] if https://github.com/PeridexisErrant/starter-pack/blob/4006510a519a156955e1b4c4f4b38eda90058539/base/keybinds/Laptop%20with%20mouse.txt#L5-L8 [^] is up-to-date.