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0011738Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Flowspublic2021-04-01 15:012021-04-01 15:01
lowtrivialhave not tried
0011738: Miasma from rotting item doesn't pass through grate it's on top of
Pretty much as described. Found when I tried to flood a vampire-occupied room with miasma as extra-judicial punishment. Fingers crossed I figure out the stink machine and drive them insane before their broken ankles do.
1. Create subterranean dark room of any volume.
2. Create 1x1 hole in ceiling of room.
3. Place grate over hole.
4. Ensure tight seal on all sides of 1x1 hole. Use doors as required.
5. Dump miasma-generating item on top of grate. (I chose horse intestines.)
6. Observe and feel bad
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