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0011751Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Missionspublic2021-05-03 18:232021-06-28 10:25
AMD64Windows 1020H2
0011751: Dwarves and war animals on missions are perpetually travelling, can crash after waiting long enough
Save file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uuXLFyLCHElFGQonHb50ij8kAD0uJVfl/view?usp=sharing [^] (may open with a mission assigned but not in progress)

I've razed several sites and haven't had problems until now. All units appear as traveling and all assigned war animals are assumed to be following. Assigned missions were within a day's travel and took up to two months (even on non-razing missions) before I killed the process or the game crashed. Only mod in use is DFHack, fix/retrieve-units does not work for this.
Suddenly started happening, may have been triggered by assigning one squad to leave just as one was arriving? Possibly corrupted the save?
World has been played on Intel desktop and AMD mobile/desktop computers. Bug occurred on AMD desktop.
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2021-06-28 10:25Xakedkicus MistakeNote Added: 0041094

Xakedkicus Mistake   
2021-06-28 10:25   
This is a very annoying bug that has fortunately only happened to me once, it's caused by one missing soldier or war animal not travelling on the mission for some reason. The only fix is to completely disband the squad or unassign all the soldiers, which is tedious and annoying.