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0011770Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Reclaimpublic2021-06-15 13:572021-06-17 13:35
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0011770: Save file says "reclaim fort" on a reclaimed fort, that has already been reclaimed.
I recently abandoned, and then reclaimed a fortress, I am pretty sure i have reclaimed every single item and building that has existed before, but the save file still says "reclaim fortress", and is red, rather than normal color.

Is this normal, will it ever change to "reclaimed fortress", or something like that? Did i just miss reclaiming a few items, and that will solve this?
abandon fortress, then reclaim everything.
not very serious, or a bug, hence the trivial priority. but i would like to change it/
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I'm pretty sure this is normal - in the earliest versions of Dwarf Fortress, being in "Reclaim Mode" is what enabled the "Reclaim" designation option (you weren't allowed to explicitly Forbid things back then).