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0011773: Aquatic Creatures Won't Spawn As Lair Creatures If There Is No Water Nearby
I'm making a randomizer mod for creatures inspired by majority of other randomizer mods for video games.

One of the creatures I randomized was a shark of some sort. He made a lair nearby a town of snow owl men. When I went inside he was not there but when I moved away with fast travel he left his lair.

Once I tried to engage into a fight he normally spawned but out of water. It was 15th of granite and nearby waters were frozen (those were not rivers, maybe pools of stagnant water I think). Before he suffocated to death I actually managed to kill it as human with masterful silver warhammer.

I remember that I once randomized a village of orca men and they could walk around but were drowning on land very long before they all died. I want this bug to stay actually, it's hilarious.

So what is the problem? The problem is that I'm also making megabeast and semimegabeast variations of every (non-aquatic for this bug's reason) creatures. Megabeasts won't move around the map. If a shark decided to spawn in a shrine without water around the fight would be unbeatable as it would not start in the first place.
1. Give any [AQUATIC] creature [BIOME:ALL_LAND] and [LARGE_PREDATOR]. Make more such creatures to increase spawning chance of a monster with a lair terrorizing nearby site.

2. Play adventure mode as an overpowered character in search of such a sight until you get lucky.
I don't know if this was caused by the 10% beaching chance I gave to all creatures.

I decided not to give aquatic creatures [DEMON] [MISCHIEVOUS] and [NIGHT_CREATURE_BOGEYMAN] to prevent bugs.
0.47.05, spawn
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