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0011778Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2021-07-10 05:042021-07-11 03:19
PC (matters?)Windows 7 (matters?)
0011778: My Game Froze When It Tried To Load Goblin Controlled Human Houses
When I was wiping out goblins I was bored of new recruit patrols forming up after killing out another so I went for their houses because towers were empty. When I exit fast travel my game crashed.
1. Must have a goblin and human race.
2. Goblins won over humans and took over a town.
3. Try to load said houses in adventure mode by either exiting fast travel or normally.
I do not know if my game crashes exactly because of goblins trying to spawn in human homes. Happened every single time. Tried 4 times.

I used task manager to shutdown game because DF didn't pop-out error asking to solve problem or close program.
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2021-07-11 03:19   
When I tried to approach other goblin controlled structures even their own forts my game crashed too. Maybe there are too many of them at once.

R.I.P. one man site conquest. I don't want to wait until so many recruit patrols are killed that goblins won't crash my game with sheer numbers.