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0011779Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Travelpublic2021-07-11 06:282021-07-11 06:28
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0011779: A Night Troll Did Not Attacked Me While I Was In Fast Travel
I don't know if this is a feature but as an overpowered adventurer with several times legendary dodger, legendary armor user, few times legendary observer, very high (minimum superior) all combat attributes, absurdly legendary wrestling skill and fighter skill so high that weapon I never wielded is already as efficient as legendary I did not triggered an encounter from fast travel approach with a night troll.

I was only equipped in totally ordinary quality iron axe (war maybe) and a cave blob companion with maxed out attributed from training. I also knew necromancy.

When I manually exit fast travel screen upon occupying same spot on the map as the troll I thought it was a farmer who ran away from me but no. Next to me an eyeless beast in question already spotted me and attacked upon exitting fast travel naturally with no announcement.
1. Be as ridiculously overpowered or more as in the description. You can try demigod but I achieved this status in one day as a peasant (took me about an hour or almost maybe of real life time). Becoming necromancer is advised.
2. Approach a travelling night troll in fast travel screen.
I think this may be fixed by making hostile beasts with [NOFEAR] always engage stronger adversaries than yourself in fast travel screen.

I killed the troll with a single strike in the head with my axe. The troll was not equipped at all. My pet survived before even getting into melee range of beast (blob spawned behind me that's normal).

I started with high agility and other attributes average. I trained my strength and agility to peak movement speed for my attribute build.

I was a necromancer but neither vampire or werebeast. I never raised the dead on my (this specific) save file.
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