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0011804Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2021-09-09 10:312021-09-09 10:31
0011804: [MAX_MULTIPLIER:1] and stack size not respected by some modded reactions
The [MAX_MULTIPLIER:1] token doesn't work consistently across all modded reactions, even when they are otherwise very similar.

My mod contains two very similar reactions, which both take CORPSEPIECE items as the reagent:

    [NAME:carve bone Blocks]
    [DESCRIPTION:Requires 1 bone to produce 1 block.]

    [NAME:Process Plants (Foliage)]
    [DESCRIPTION:Process plant foliage sheared from a plant creature into usable thread.]

In the first reaction, the bone carver takes a whole stack of bones to the workshop. The reaction consumes only one bone from the stack, and produces a single bone block. I have similar reactions which take more bones, for example three bones for a table. The whole stack is never consumed, and only a single product is produced.

The second reaction takes a stack of CORPSEPIECE which has been sheared from a plant-based creature. In this case, the thresher takes a whole stack to the workshop. The whole stack is consumed, and only a single thread is produced.

I should note that this exact behavior occurs whether or not [MAX_MULTIPLIER:1] is present. So this bug could be that the token doesn't work, or that when the token is absent, a whole stack is consumed without producing a commensurate number of products.

I will also note that in the second reaction, the product type doesn't seem to matter. If I change it from THREAD to BLOCKS like in the first reaction, the same behavior is observed—the whole stack is consumed, and only a single product is produced.
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15654 [^]

In the provided save, add a "Process Plants (Foliage)" tasks to the Farmer's Workshop. For comparison, also add any of the tasks available at the Bone Carver's workshop.

A stack of stray shambling mound foliage [11] is available in the Farmer's workshop, and stray dog bone [12] in the nearby refuse stockpile for testing.
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