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0011830Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Townpublic2021-12-03 16:222021-12-10 13:58
0011830: large predators not functioning properly in adventure mode cities
LARGE_PREDATOR animal histfigs in adventure mode can be found roaming the streets in broad daylight in the middle of cities. Provided they do not have the DEMON, NIGHT_CREATURE, OPPOSED_TO_LIFE, CRAZED, or other such tags, such as the case with lions, tigers, bears, and crocodiles, they will appear on the overworld of the city as asterisks and when encountered initiate combat with the player. They will not target anything besides the player, and NPCs will not comment on or react to the presence of the creature. An adventurer could end up being mauled to death by a wild animal while dozens of NPCs, some of them soldiers, simply walk by both ignoring and being ignored by the creature.
Generate a world, preferable with a long history and multiple large cities. Use a third-party utility like Legendsviewer to look for cities that have animals, not animal people, living in them. Go to those cities and wander around until you encounter one of those animals. You'll notice the irregular behavior at that point.
This is a purely hypothetical guess but I believe they are intended to lair in the sewers or catacombs maybe? Like that was the intent but they roam the streets instead
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To add to this, you'd actually want to look for animals referred to as "outcasts" in legendsviewer. For example, "giant alligator outcast". You can find them without this kind of utility as well but it's much more of a crapshoot.
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Actually, I might have reported this already, you can just delete it if so