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0011835Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit Viewpublic2021-12-19 04:572021-12-19 08:34
Windows 7
0011835: Agents using assumed identities don't appear in search results for their profession or race
Agents in the unit menu don't appear in search results for their profession or race, making it easy to identify agents through this alone. For example, if an agent arrives marked as a 'Human Bard', they won't appear if you search 'Human' or 'Bard'. Moving the cursor over an agent may also reveal their true identity, I've had many agents arrive that are bards, dancers etc but then upon moving the cursor over them it says they are a 'lady consort' or the leader of a religion. Figuring out agents through inconsistencies with their gear and such seems intentional, but this doesn't.
Wait until a visitor arrives, search for their race or profession in the unit search, and if they are an agent, they don't appear in search results.
I am using the latest version of the Lazy Newb Pack, and thus DFhack.
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2021-12-19 08:34   
Just found out that the presence of a search option in the unit menu is a DFhack thing rather than a vanilla feature; sorry I didn't know, would recommend closing this issue.