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0011843Dwarf FortressUndeathpublic2022-01-02 00:252022-01-02 00:51
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0011843: Reanimated severed werebeast necromancer hand has a full body
During a full moon, the fortress was attacked by a "weregoat necromancer". A miner sliced off its left hand, which was immediately reanimated. Unlike severed body parts from non-werebeasts, the werebeast's left hand appears to have a full complement of body parts in the "wounds" status screen. Although it only seems to be attacking with its left hand, its other body parts can be the targets of attacks, e.g. "The peasant punches Asthi Amilsorus's left hand in the upper body with her left hand, bruising the muscle and bruising the left lung!"
Haven't attempted to reproduce; this just showed up in fortress mode after generating a world with a large number of secrets.
Possibly related to 0011485?
necromancer, necromancy, severed limbs, werebeast, werecreature
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Bugged save: https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15805 [^]
2022-01-02 00:51   
I just ran the game for another few ticks, and the reanimated "left hand" got decapitated, whereupon its "mutilated corpse" was reanimated as a headless "human putrid slayer". The severed head (of the reanimated left hand) was reanimated as "Asthi Amilsorus's head", missing the rest of its body parts, as expected. So it definitely seems like the reanimated "left hand" somehow sprouted into a full-body clone of the human necromancer Asthi Amilsorus. Is this intended behaviour? Werebeasts are supposed to regenerate missing limbs when they transform, right?