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0011845: Pathing bug when removing ramps
This is a major problem, if its reproducible and valid (due to dwarves dying if not worked around):

Dwarfs who are pathing over ramps tend to get bugged when the ramps get removed. (not sure if they need to be on the ramps while removing them, or above, i havent tried to reproduce it). With bugged i mean that they gather where the ramps got removed and the path to their job wont get re-calculated, effectively starving them to death or dying of thirst.
Of course it is possible to free them by overwriting their job via civ burrow alert or removing the workshop/stockpile they are pathing to, but its hard to keep track of that when you are supervising 200 dwarves and the reason for this behaviour is not obvious.
i havent tried to reproduce it yet, but i have a video that shows this very bug and details what has been done prior to encountering this bug.
https://youtu.be/gMhqdC_VwlI?t=588 [^]

those 2 thirsty dwarves in the video are stuck with a drinking job and a hauling job. Exactly at the position where i removed the ramps. There are other ways up, but the path wont get re-calculated which freeze them in their path.

See earlier episodes to check what has been changed, i assume the relevant bit was removing those ramps
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Sry dont know how to edit my own report, thats why i post here: I dont know what made those 2 dwarves so special. Other dwarves seem to use the other ramps to left just fine and it seems that no other dwarves got bugged, despite this route over the ramps that got removed was a major traffic route to the food and drink stockpile. As you can see in earlier episodes of the yt series many more dwarves were pathing regularly over those ramps.