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0011846Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Missionspublic2022-01-02 20:062022-01-04 12:18
Windows 7
0011846: Outpost liaison in military returns alone when dwarf caravan arrives, other squad members stuck traveling
I sent 4 military squads to raze a site, and only the outpost liaison comes back despite a successful raid, directly after the arrival of the dwarven caravan. Despite the mission report saying that treasure was looted, there is no accompanying spoils report. Waited an in-game year and none of the other squad members ever came back. One of the other squad members is also at the fort, but that's because they never left and the mission still progressed as normal; this has been happening with this dwarf for several years and hasn't impacted missions before so this seems to be an unrelated issue.
This save is shortly before the arrival of the dwarven caravan. The outpost liaison returns alone with a mission report reporting a success with no casualties (other than a dog a few times I tested the save) and looted treasure & livestock, but no spoils report. Other squad members stuck traveling indefinitely.

https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15807 [^]
I am using the latest version of the Lazy Newb Pack, and thus DFHack. My saves are set to be uncompressed as an issue arose wherein I was constantly crashing while saving, and that fixed it.
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It happened again an in-game year after I reloaded a backup save; by avoiding sending my squads out in Autumn it hadn't happened, but when I had my military come back while the dwarf caravan was there, only the outpost liasion came back again.