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0011847: 50 horses per human settlement, 10 horses per forest retreat, 350 horses per hillocks
Simply put, there isn't much randomness to the horses in each settlement, at least when data is exported. It's always 50 horses in each human settlement, 10 horses in each forest retreat that has them, and 350 horses in each dwarven hillocks that has them. Every human settlement (from the smallest hamlet to the biggest town) has at least one horse, and therefore has 50; other settlements have either a set amount of horses or none at all.
1: Generate a world and let history run its course -- I did 125 years
2: export gen map/info
3: read the map's site-and-population info text file for confirmation
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Horses have a flat nondefined frequency of 50, as well as multiple roles (mount, pack, pet, wagon-puller) in effect its actually moreso like 75% - 80 chance to populate sites combined with large size for food yield, so everything is in their favor.

Some alterations to make horses less attractive would resolve your current issue, like overriding all their roles using entity [ANIMAL] arguements and reducing their size to be less competitive with other common-domestic animals like cows. Similar examples such as animals that can't be eaten (intelligent) or are non-edible have issues the less frequency value and roles they possess.
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(I forgot my login and randomly remembered a login I used eight years ago)

Is this similar to Goblin settlements always having the same quantity of Beak Dogs and Trolls?

350 seems massively excessive for hillocks.
2022-02-06 04:27   
I would say certainly but it'd take more math and examples to look into. They're a two creature situation (50/50 frequency for beak & troll) which is different to having the entire array of domesitic animals with horses dominant, in a civilization that doesn't nessecarily need food for its central race but still gathered for visitors, animal-people and snatched children who do.

Anything else i could say wouldn't be more helpful than modding advice or a suggestion which can be handled by the forum discussions, but taboo animals that might put them off the dinner-plate are on the overall development roadmap for the future.