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0011849: can't sleep in new site types, even with permission
I can't find a report for this, but it's been known since release and still happens in 0.47.05.

It's acting like the site is a foreign enemy site. You can usually try to sleep and if you don't hav permission someone will interrupt, but in this case you can't even try.
Start an adventurer in a castle and try to sleep
Someone on discord mentioned it happening in a monastery and that reminded me of this from http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=175434.msg8083793#msg8083793 [^]

Speaking of "castles"... I can't sleep in the one I started in. Instead I get the "You cannot rest until you leave this site." message. My info does say I am a member of the civilization and site government.

Edit: I found my chieftess:
You: I am your loyal . What do you command?
The chieftess Atu Sloronnako: You must kill the eye of <8A>rith Ngom Savedmonster. This evil being threatens our people with its very presence. Seek your foe in the fortress of Workpant. This vile fiend murdered Rig<95>th Whisperedposts! Our hopes travel with you.

So I am a guard here. Though there seems to have been some issue generating the position name.
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If the owner is a "chieftess", then the site does not REALLY belong to them. That might be your problem.
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No. The chieftess isn't the point, the point is that I, and she, are members of the site government, which is the site owner - this is not just some site I happened across, this is the character's home.

Edit: And the fact that NOBODY can even TRY to sleep in these sites.