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0011857Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2022-03-08 07:052022-03-08 07:05
0011857: Birds (and other toothless creatures) have tooth materials and tissues
Most if not all birds in Dwarf Fortress have materials and tissues defined for teeth, despite having none (no teeth body parts nor any tissue layers using said tissues).
This is because they use [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:STANDARD_MATERIALS] and [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:STANDARD_TISSUES] to get their needed materials and tissues. However, these also contain materials and tissues they do not need, such as ones for hair and teeth. The hair materials and tissues are removed using [REMOVE_MATERIAL:HAIR]/[REMOVE_TISSUE:HAIR] but the same is not done to the ones for teeth.

The resulting materials can be seen in the manager material select screen, because all materials are shown there, and maybe in the preferences of dwarves (i.e. "likes giant cockatiel teeth").

The bug does also applies to other toothless creatures using STANDARD_MATERIALS and STANDARD_TISSUES, such as the giant earthworm, the slug, snail, the giant and desert tortoise, and the basking shark, and all giant and animal person variants of these creatures.
Start a new work order in the manager screen.
Go into conditions.
Add an item condition.
Choose "change material".
Filter for "teeth", materials show up for several creatures which should not have teeth.
Here is a image of giant cockatiel teeth:
https://i.imgur.com/QFkO1Ln.png [^]
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