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0011869: Visible Sunlight from Inside Procgen Fortress Guildhall
Normally in a procgen Dwarven fortress underground, you are unable to see sunlight. This is confirmed by pressing W in that situation.

In guildhalls, the available sunlight indicates the time of day, which should not be happening underground.
By generating a new world:
1. Generate world
2. Start adventurer in a procgen fortress with a guildhall (check Legends)
3. Navigate to guildhall somehow
4. Press W, witness the sun.

By looking at provided save:
1. Load save file
2. Press W, note that it's daytime
3. Walk outside guildhalls
4. Press W, note lack of sunlight
Provided save file: https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15945 [^]
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