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0011874Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Mapspublic2022-06-11 12:432022-06-11 12:43
PCWindows 1021H2
0011874: Roads don't remember when they are created.
In Legends mode, while viewing historical map, roads are always displayed. Even before their creation, in year 1. Even when the sites the road is connecting do not exist yet. I have a bunch of sites built in years 50-100, and when I view the map for year 1, there are no sites, but there are roads between places where they will be.
1) Generate a world until you have at least one road connected to a site that was built sometime after year 1.
2) Open historical map in Legends mode.
3) Look at the road going to nowhere in year 1.
4) (Optional) Scroll through the time to make sure sometime in the history a site appeared at the end of the road.
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