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0011877Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2022-06-24 15:302022-06-24 15:30
0011877: Dwarves refusing to pick up bolts when given a crossbow to hold in one hand with a weapon in the other
A dwarf scheduled to train at an archery target will drop everything in their quiver and get stuck trying to pick bolts up again. They also drop all of their bolts in place once they enter combat as well but do not get stuck trying to pick up bolts when not scheduled to train at an archery target
Assign a crossbow and a secondary weapon (it does not seem to matter which is picked up first) and set them to train at an archery target, they will repeatedly attempt to pick up a stack of bolts to train with, fail, then try again. they will then get stuck in place attempting to pick the stack of bolts up.
They can wield the crossbow and the hammer as melee weapons just fine, they just fail to use the crossbow in ranged combat. Its also important to note that the bolts are dropped seemingly once they catch sight of the enemy they're going to fight, not when they get the order to kill them.

training at an armor stand works just fine and causes no such issue, with them picking up ammo and carrying it in their quiver just fine until they go to actually try to use it. (aside from not gaining experience while "training" using their crossbow)
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