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0011882Dwarf FortressWorld Generation -- Warspublic2022-07-06 17:032022-07-06 17:03
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0011882: A perfectly normal dwarf baron from a dwarf civ threw one of their 1 year infant child into a beast pit.
So on a vanilla install a DF, one of the dwarf civ's barons evidently hucked his own illegitimate child to a pack of non-descript beasts during a military engagement? Thats probably something thats a little too scary for our dwarves to be doing. And I'm pretty sure this violates entity:Mountain's ethical restrictions.

So in legends mode, this dwarf kid is listed as being born and then promptly fed to these beasts by his own dad, whose a baron. The kid's mom is apparently the lady of this goblin pit thats being raided during the baby tossing, and she has cross-ties to both civs, but the goblin pit itself belongs to a goblin civ. I thought the problem had something to do with weird goblin stuff, but I don't think this is the case.

After some investigating, the cause of this probably has less to do with goblin ethics, and much more to do with the elven ethics. A human civ, an elf civ, and a dwarf civ all raided the same pit on the same month of the same year, which is when our baby tossing occurs.

We ultimately find our bread crumb trail to the cause of this weird behavior in the legends mode's stated battle details for the elven raid on this pit, where it indeed lists our very cruel baron tossing his kid to these beasts in the aftermath of the elf raid instead of the dwarf raid.

Some wackiness seems liable to occur when multiple civs attack the same site during the same month, due to a lack of specific dates, and historical figures can be cross-referenced from the previous raids that month, when generating new events.
Heh, I have no idea. Run world-gen a bazillion times, and meticulously comb through every dead child's history?
I was on the fence about reporting this for awhile. Couldn't quite decide if I liked this as a feature or not. But it just doesn't come up enough.
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