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0011883: Heliotrope is one of the possible colors for dwarven iris/eyes, which is not on-theme
HELIOTROPE in descriptor_color_standard.txt has an RGB value of 223, 115, 255; a shade of violet based on the heliotrope flower: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heliotrope_(color) [^]

"Heliotrope" is also an alternative name for real-world bloodstone. In-game bloodstone is never referred to as heliotrope.

Nearly all DWARF eye color modifiers are associated with metals, stone and earth (e.g. gold, emerald, raw umber). Included is IRIS_EYE_HELIOTROPE.

Heliotrope is the only color inconsistent with the other dwarven eye colors because its RGB values correspond to the real-life flower and not the gemstone (which is SEA_GREEN). HELIOTROPE was most likely confused with the gemstone.
Excluding random gen, heliotrope is also used for goblin hair, bismuth, lavender jade, and almond flower. They all appear to be accurate or on-theme.

If the rgb for HELIOTROPE were changed, these would have to be updated as well, so the best option would be to just remove IRIS_EYE_HELIOTROPE:1 from the dwarven eye color pool.
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AMBER, ASH_GRAY, BURNT_SIENNA, BURNT_UMBER, CHARCOAL, PEARL and VERMILION are stone/gem/earth associated colors that are not included in the dwarven eye color pool.