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0011887: NPCs no longer provide cardinal directions & directions to a person's whereabouts if location has no unique name
When you ask an NPC for someone's whereabouts while being in the same site as your target, they used to be able to provide the local cardinal directions to the person's dwelling place.

Example text: "We are in <site>. Search first in a cottage to the northwest."

Post 0.44, NPCs additionally provide the name of the place. But the old cardinal direction info is now missing or broken.

NPCs can now only provide directions to locations w/ names (tavern, mead hall, etc.). If asked directions to unnamed buildings (cottage, hillock, etc.), NPCs can only respond w/ "I'm not sure exactly where to look."

Even when asking inside the correct named structure w/ the sought after person present nearby, they do not respond properly as in past versions.

Guide agreements are impacted by the changes. They aren't as useful anymore.

0.43.05: https://imgur.com/a/jSeMGiG [^]
Current: https://imgur.com/a/4vFLSZq [^]
(19 imgs each)

1. Create adventurer. Recommended to start at a dwarven hillocks or human hamlet. Small pop, few buildings & easy to navigate.
2. Find and talk to any person, select "Ask for directions" then choose any one of the "Ask for the whereabouts of the <creature> <name>"
3. If the NPC responds w/ "<Local person's name> is well-traveled and would probably have that information", go to step 4. If it's any other response (incl. providing the directions), end conversation and find someone else to repeat step 2.
4. Select "Ask for directions" again, then choose new option to "Ask for the whereabouts of the <creature> <local person's name>" (should be first on the list)

Repeat this however many times as long as you're in the site and asking for the whereabouts of a local person. I also recommend searching for a vampire w/ this method in both v0.43 & 0.47 and compare.
Observed since 0.44.01.
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I've included the wrong img by mistake in the 0.43.05 album. Ignore 'Guide agreement, part 1'. That img is from 0.47 and was from an earlier test.