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0011888Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Buildingspublic2022-07-20 13:402022-07-22 09:42
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0011888: Priests aren't spawning in generated temples
Generated temples in adv mode are vacant w/ the exception of visitors. High priests are not present in the temples they're supposed to rule from. Regular priests and most high priests are also absent. They don't appear to spawn elsewhere such as shrines. Legends provide no indication that the priests are dead, missing or at another site.

Only affects religions w/ temples. Priests of templeless religions can be found in keeps or at random locations in gen fortresses.

Non-ruined temples apply.
Saves (+site maps): https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=16009 [^]

- region_no_priests1 (Xestsusmata, 1 ex)
   religion: The Free-Coven of Releasing
   temple: The Chapel of Liberty in Southbowed, town
   high priest: exalted liberty Utast Boltadored
   priests: sacred autonomy Ashi Conjurehips, Gagu Scuffledconvents & Tikes Spatterpartner

- region_no_priests2 (Camade Ewè, 2 ex)
   religion: The Cult of Funerals
   temple: The Fatal Church in Fortressjuggle, town
   most high priest: most exalted bone Quathari Cloudshafts
   high priest: first burial Song Prowltorment
   priests: holy ghosts Catten Atticsounds, Citu Oilypaints & Lojum Portaltall
   note: there's a priest (Sodel Workrivers) w/ the same title (holy ghost) who belongs to a different religion called The Order of Graves

   religion: The Communion of Mining
   temple: The Aquamarine Church in Kingdomflags, fortress
   priests: holy vault Stozu Monstertrades
   note: the high priest (holy tax Cequova Valleystilled) does not rule the temple, although Cequova was elevated at the same year and resides in the same site. Cequova is also missing from the people list in the log; only priest in the examples like this
   note2: due to 0011641 the temple is partially inaccessible w/o hacks
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(edited on: 2022-07-20 14:13)
Civs for region2 are:
The Insightful Kingdoms (Fortressjuggle)
The Doors of Deification (Kingdomflags)

More context for 1st note for The Communion of Mining ex: when starting at a site, you start w/ a list in the log menu (People tab) of all the known inhabitants. I used this list to find out who the current priests are for each site.

Forgot to put sign on 0011641

2022-07-20 19:19   
Addendum: found a high priest in a temple after exploring a bit more. It's in region_no_priests2, the same save posted above. Additionally, regular priests of the same religion can be found in the keep.

religion: The Tin Doctrines
temple: The Cathedral of Diamonds in Buffjested, town, of The Confederations of Cream
high priest: holy abyss Cana Tealblazes
priests: sacred walls Besmar Rimsummits & Dodók Crystalweavers

https://i.imgur.com/rRdo3h7.png [^]
2022-07-22 09:42   
Worldgen fortress temples appear to lack ruling high priests altogether, so Cequova wasn't a one-off.