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0011892Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2022-07-24 15:232022-07-24 15:23
0011892: Leaders with [DUTY_BOUND] abandon national seat to scheme
Despite [DUTY_BOUND] otherwise binding them to the site in all other circumstances, characters with high experience (modded to be natural or earnt) in world-generation will adopt false identities for petty goals undertook personally, in which then others will rule in their stead.
Demons are the easiest to recreate (singular well defined tower rulers), without causing a complete catacylsm of schemers race wide but are the most difficult to apply steps to so ill omit them from this part.

Apply [NATURAL_SKILL:INTRIGUE:13] to the creature and some extra conditions like ALLOWED_CREATURE caste to gurantee the certainty. A third caste of dwarf would suffice. Then allow the world to generate and run for a while, about 50 years should suffice.
Similar behaviour to <<http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=11875>> [^] with no express actual identity to follow as in this picture of my modded play, <<https://puu.sh/JcNC2/55a584497a.png>> [^] my modded UNIQUE demon's name being latter attributed to "The Curse of Stinking of The Theif Of Trailing" which is a combination of their civilization name and site membership <<https://puu.sh/JcNOn/82d38f3bb2.png>> [^]

Im unsure if this is specific to [UNIQUE_DEMON] and I will attempt to attach a cohesive save in more vanilla relevant settings soon to demonstrate. No DFhack was applied in any part of the process.
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