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0011893Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2022-07-26 01:302022-07-26 01:34
0011893: Several creature tokens not respected by needs
Creatures with NOEMOTION will still have needs, and still become unfocused, distracted etc. if they are not met.

However, because all their thoughts will be neutral, the needs will NEVER be met.

As a result, in fortress mode, such creatures will eventually just sit around in the nearest meeting hall socializing - or the nearest temple praying - for the rest of all eternity.

Similarily, creatures with NO_DRINK and NO_EAT will still have needs related to consumption, which they will never be able to fulfill.
0.47.05, creature, Fortress Mode, needs, no_drink, no_eat, noemition, raw, raw file, raw files, thoughts, token, tokens
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