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0011900Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobspublic2022-08-12 21:502022-08-12 21:59
WindowsWindows 1021H2
0011900: Rock pedestals can be queued at both Mason's and Craftsdwarf's Workshops, jams Mason queue
Jobs to craft rock pedestals can be queued at either a Mason's or Craftsdwarf's Workshop. However, the job requires Stonecrafting, not Masonry, so if it's queued up at a Mason's Workshop and no dwarf has Stonecrafting enabled, the job will never start. This will prevent the Mason's Workshop from progressing past this entry in its list of jobs, and no cancellation messages will be produced.
1. Assign the Masonry labor on one dwarf, but none with Stonecrafting.
2. At a Mason's Workshop, queue up the job "Make rock Pedestal", followed by any number of other jobs (or none).
3. The dwarf will not start the "Make rock Pedestal" job, no cancellation message is generated, and the workshop will not progress through its queue as it is still waiting on the pedestal job.
Dwarves with the Stonecrafting labor enabled will go to the Mason's Workshop and complete the job, so in most cases this problem should be infrequent.

However, it does cause issues when using Automatic Job Assignments; the plugins seem to see the job in a Mason's Workshop requiring the Masonry labor. Oddly, assigning this job to both a Mason's and Craftsdwarf's Workshops at the same time will cause Automatic Job Assignments to assign two dwarves to the Stonecrafting labor, and both jobs will complete.

The obvious solution is to either a) remove the job from Mason's Workshops, or b) change the labor to Masonry and remove the job from Craftsdwarf's Workshops.
0.47.05, jobs, workshop, workshops
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I forgot to mention in the initial report, but assigning these jobs via the Manager always assigns them correctly to a Craftsdwarf's Workshop.

Additionally, Altars and Bookcases are also subject to this problem. Another user pointed out that all these items have the [HARD_MAT], [FURNITURE], and [ITEM_TOOL] tokens in their definitions, which may be the source of the issue.