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0011902Dwarf FortressCreaturespublic2022-08-18 00:302022-08-18 01:18
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0011902: Incorrect pref strings for GIANT_CAMEL_2_HUMP and GIANT_GIRAFFE
The pref string for CAMEL_2_HUMP is "PREFSTRING:humps", but for GIANT_CAMEL_2_HUMP is the singular "PREFSTRING:hump".

For GIRAFFE it is "PREFSTRING:long necks", but for GIANT_GIRAFFE it is "PREFSTRING:hump".
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2022-08-18 01:01   
HONEY BADGER, GIANT also has incorrect strings:

HONEY BADGER has "PREFSTRING:tenacity" and "PREFSTRING:fearlessness" while HONEY BADGER, GIANT has "PREFSTRING:underground communities" and "PREFSTRING:striped faces", which are the pref strings for normal BADGER and BADGER, GIANT.
2022-08-18 01:18   
This a slightly different issue, but I don't think it worth another report, and is near suggestion territory:

CAPYBARA, GIANT makes the same SOUNDS as the normal CAPYBARA, but GIANT_KAKAPO does not make any SOUNDS while the normal BIRD_KAKAPO does.