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0011904Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2022-08-18 11:162022-08-29 08:53
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0011904: Work Order Text Glitch
The manager work order screen is bugged to not display the number of the initial or remaining items requested by the order. They are replaced by a blue boulder icon and there's a blue forward slash on the immediate line below it before the letters on that line. Every new order has the same issue and I started a new world to test it there as well, same thing.
1. Assign a manager.
2. Assign him an office.
3. Go to the Manager screen.
4. Queue up a work order.
https://imgur.com/a/zFVoZ95 [^] - Here is an image of the problem described.

Additional context: It was working fine last night, no issues. I shut down my laptop for the night and resumed playing this morning. Every new order queued from that point onwards was glitched. Glitched no matter what zoom level and regardless of TrueFont graphics settings. I changed nothing beyond turning my computer on and off between playthroughs.
0.44.12, interface, manager
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Does this also happen in version 0.47.05?