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0011905: Writing a book in Arena Mode leads to teleportation to another dimension
Writing a book while controlling a unit in Arena Mode teleports the unit to a flat plane of grass and ponds. You can move just fine, and place trees and presumably units just fine as well.
1. Get scroll via DFhack or modded reactions.
2. Give controlled unit reading skill through DFhack or modding of their race.
3. Write on the scroll.
The game is heavily modded and Dfhack was used to give me the skill.
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I can confirm this. The only mods i used were DFhack's `assign-skills` script to become a novice reader, `gui/create-item` to get an exceptional tea wood scroll, a completely different arena, and a tiny cosmetic change to dwarves. I don't think any of these should have interfered with anything.

I also come with some extra information. The area that one gets plopped in is the same X and Y dimensions of the arena (144×144), but is 16 z-levels high. The zero layer is where the adventurer appears. It's the penultimate layer, and is only generic grass, clay, and…specifically _marble_ ground, for some reason? I dunno. Also, the -1 layer is entirely revealed.

It's not possible to travel outside of the bounds of the arena. As far as i can tell, similar restrictions are placed on the adventurer as they normally would be in the arena (no quest log, no fast travel, no chopping down trees, etc.).

Personally, i think this is actually pretty cool, though i have to wonder how this could possibly have happened.