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0011908Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2022-09-02 04:582022-09-02 04:58
PCWindowsWindows 10
0011908: BUG caused by Interrupting tavernkeeper to serve a drinks
When you ask a tavernkeeper for a drink with a lot of stuff in your hand, the tavernkeeper will follow you around but won't give you a drink. Even if you empty your possessions later ,the tavernkeeper still refuses to give you a drink.The worst is you can't buy any drink from him. I guess it's stuck because the last transaction didn't go through.
Step one, stuff your hands with a lot of stuff.
Step two, go to a tavernkeeper and ask for a drink
Step three, wait for the tavernkeeper to bring you a drink, then you will find him standing there with a glass and staring at you.
In this case, I took a lot of freshly carved bone artifacts that I just made for trade.
My English is not very good, I provide this information through a translation software,sorry for that.:(
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