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0000121Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-04-02 04:352014-08-26 13:21
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0000121: Record keeper keeps hauling items from previous jobs while updating records
My expedition leader/engraver was hauling a stone towards his workshop when I cancelled his job and set him to work on the records. He is now working on them, but he hasn't dropped the stone.
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parent of 0000300confirmed Footkerchief Soldiers haul booze barrels back to the barracks after drinking 
parent of 0002561confirmed Knight Otu Military dwarves carry hauled items with them when called on duty 
parent of 0010580new  Expedition leader interrupted by petitions keeps hauling carried objects to "meeting location" 
has duplicate 0000694resolved Dwarfu Dwarf hauls bucket from previos task (Fill pond ) while executing next task - manage stockpile records 
has duplicate 0003718resolved Logical2u Bookkeeper hogs the booze 
has duplicate 0007768resolved Dwarfu Dwarf children hauling booze barrels out to visit their parents at work 
related to 0008366resolved Footkerchief Dwarf gives water to self, bucket disappears 
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2010-04-05 14:52   
something similar can happen with the barrel while drinking, he will just take it along sometimes
2010-04-05 15:06   
I believe he is just lonely and doesn't have many friends. Perhaps you should have parties, he'll go to them and make friends and will no longer have a need for rock friends!
2010-04-05 15:21   
I see this whenever my expedition leader/bookkeeper goes from drinking to doing the records.
Sean Mirrsen   
2010-04-07 10:19   
I get this behavior as well - my bookkeeper is always at his desk with a wine barrel.
2010-04-07 10:43   
this is similar to 0000300, but in your case, it's a bucket, not a barrel
2010-11-22 22:19   
maybe the record-keeping is done better when he's smashed out of his gourd?
2012-03-04 02:00   
still in 0.34.04
2014-07-09 17:42   
Still happens in 0.40.01. After getting a drink (taking a barrel of something from the food/drink stockpile), my bookkeeper kept the now-empty barrel with her when she went to her office to update the records.
2014-07-31 19:53   
sending people into military duty (attack/kill) while they're moving objects does the same thing, but en masse. can be annoying when they're carrying something heavy.
2014-08-04 13:41   
This happens frequently with many professions other than "bookkeeper". It would be nice if someone would generalize the summary so that it shows up in searches.
2014-08-04 13:48   
What other jobs does it occur with? Maybe ones that don't involve additional hauling?
2014-08-04 20:33   
All of them? Jobs like "pickup equipment" (the civilian version) will pull a dwarf away from the booze stockpile still toting a barrel, to visit the clothier's shop. Children's "visit parent" job also seems to frequently interrupt drinking, resulting in kids lugging barrels of booze all over the fort. Military units have a long-standing familiarity with this bug, often reporting for duty with bins, barrels of booze, ballista arrows, and anything else they were in the process of hauling. I suspect all of the above are much more common occurrences than a befuddled bookkeeper.
2014-08-26 13:21   
Currently very common with children, issue summary should be made more general if 0007768 is to be considered a duplicate rather than related.