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0001221Dwarf FortressSitespublic2010-04-15 22:372010-06-09 06:46
WindowsWindows 7
0001221: Huge RAM problem with site finder
When using the site finder to find 16 x 16 embarks with a graphics set and set to find no aquifers and yes for flux and a river, I experience a rapid crash as the sites searched gets higher. My RAM usage skyrockets during this time as, I am assuming, DF is storing the potential sites (or maybe all sites?) to memory. This makes me worry about other possible memory (leaks?) issues in the current version.
Have graphics set. Generate large world. Use site finder to look for a 16x16 embark with AQUIFERS = NO, FLUX = YES, and RIVER = YES. Do not change other settings. Wait for crash while watching ram usage.
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duplicate of 0000002closed Toady One Crash when using site finder on large worlds (mem usage >2gb) 
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Related to/Duplicate of 0000002 which is fixed for the next version.
Also probably related to 0000136