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0001223Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Cages and Chainspublic2010-04-15 23:252013-03-04 01:17
WindowsWindows 76.1 build 7600
0001223: Caging a creature is done by one dwarf only
On an embark in 31.03, I had a miner who didn't like any animals and hated lizards but no other affinity towards animals; my first unit in the unit list. I started with a few cats and dogs, and after the initial rush of placing stuff, I built a cage and caged those animals. I noticed that the miner in question was doing ALL the cage jobs, with both animal caretaking and animal hauling off. After a year or two, it got so ridiculous that every time a puppy/kitten was born and was issued to be caged, only that miner would do the caging and no one else. I tried when he was sleeping as well, but apparently the 42 or so idle dwarves didn't like animals enough to do it. This was in 31.01, maybe due to pathfinding I thought.

In 31.03, same thing happened with again with another miner at the top of the list (both also not expedition leaders) going great lengths to cage animals. Said animals were in the meeting area zone I defined and the cage was next to them in a 10x5 room.

However, it's not always present, I've made 3-4 forts in 31.03, and it's only present in one, the second.
Issue cage animal order
Watch as your miner drops the mining jobs and runs 200 tiles to cage it
Cage, cages
duplicate of 0004072resolved Toady One Dwarves drag animals to pen/pit/cage/restraint without Animal Hauling enabled 
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How many cages do you have?

If you only have one, that would make a little sense. Only one dwarf can have a job at a building at a time, I think.
2010-08-04 20:53   
Isn't there a labor devoted to moving animals? Are you sure it's enabled on all your dwarves? You might try enabling animal caretaking as well.
2010-08-05 05:00   
Actually Caging / Chaining / Releasing large animals doesn't require any labor, any dwarf can do it. Quite annoying if some important dwarf with lots of stuff to do drops his work and goes to cage animals at the other end of the fortress...
2013-03-04 01:17   
I believe this is in essence a hauling/labor issue, not one of the same dwarf taking the job.