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0001262Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Economicspublic2010-04-16 19:262010-08-10 00:11
0001262: Eatable Animal Stuff is not linked to Food Hauling
I have my Herbalist only the Food and refuse Hauling enabled, while the other dwarfs carry stones and items and all around.

I noticed he wont take the donkey meat/brean/younameit/etc. from the butchery into the food stockpile. So i tested around and he will haul it with item hauling enabled, while food hauling does not affect this.
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duplicate of 0000085closed Toady One Organ meats can't be cooked at kitchen 
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Reminder sent to: Rhenaya

Does this still occur in 31.10?
2010-07-13 11:22   
seems it is fixed, set 2 up to only haul food and 2 only items. only the first 2 hauled every dog part from the butchery
2010-07-13 12:44   
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Works ok for me in 0.31.10. I had a few dwarves with Food Hauling enabled, but no other hauling and they do their job just fine. They quickly emptied butcher's shop from all eatable stuff left after butchering an elephant.

2010-07-13 15:52   
Cool, thanks for the verification. I'm going to assume this was another manifestation of 0000085, which was a problem in the raws, and so would have persisted in worlds generated in 31.01.