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0001265Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Movementpublic2010-04-16 21:492016-05-15 04:05
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0001265: Ramps covered with ice have no floors above, adventurer can "fly" over
Abandoned fortress had number of ramps flooded by river. In adventure mode, river is frozen. The ice walls on the ramp tiles do not have floors on their tops. It is open space. If I alt-move over the open space, the adventurer is flying and can only move back to ground tiles.
Dig upward ramps on the level of a river. Fairly clear, I guess.
Fixed in 0.34.01?
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2010-08-06 13:27   
I ocne saw this exploring a glacier in adv mode, there were a few "Cracks" in the ground that when moved upon with the buggy alt move system I would be "Flying" but at any time I could just walk back on the ice on the sides of the cracks
2011-12-20 07:19   
Current DevLog mentions this issue and its relations having to do with ramps are potentially fixed in next version - will need to test/verify at release:

"...fixed a couple ancient problems with frozen ramps..."

http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/index.html#2011-12-19 [^]
2016-05-15 04:05   
Timetravellers ahoy! I tried this in 43.02 and I could not reproduce the bug. So I say it was fixed either 31.26 or 34.01.