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0001267Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-04-16 23:002011-02-25 06:43
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0001267: Dwarves won't dump/haul certain items
I designated a draw bridge to be constructed on a flat area (no moat) that had a couple bituminous coal rocks in the way. The bridge was being constructed of another kind of rock. The architect moved the coal aside, but the game partially lost track of them. They can be seen, marked (for dumping, forbidden etc) using 'k' or via the Status->Stocks->Stones menu, but no dwarves will move them. Forbidding all other coal but leaving these unforbidden and unmarked for dumping, the make coke from coal task is not available at the forge.

This is somewhat like the 40d problem which occurred when rocks marked for dumping fell, but cannot be cleared by remarking the rocks, or via the jobs menu (no active jobs on these rocks). These rocks didn't fall or roll down a slope.
Dig out a flat area, leaving some rocks behind in the way. Designate a (draw) bridge for building in the flat area, using some other material. Wait for architect to move the rocks out of the way.
Saving and reloading the game doesn't clear the condition. I also loaded the save in .03 and saved and that doesn't clear it either.
related to 0001173resolved Toady One Dwarves refuse to haul accessible items until they've hauled ones that are currently inaccessible 
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2010-04-16 23:08   
do you have "dwarves ignore refuse from outside"? (check [o][r])
2010-04-17 15:17   
(edited on: 2010-04-17 17:19)
I guess that was it. I flipped the 'ignore refuse from outside' and every dwarf in the cave headed out to scour the 9x9 landscape for every newt and frog that had died any time in the past 2 years. So I had to dezone my refuse stockpile, and the next time I looked they'd finally dumped the coal in the garbage zone.

2010-04-19 08:08   
I may have had something similar (in .01) with a cloth barrel once located in a stockpile which I had later removed. Nobody wanted to move the barrel to a new stockpile. I don't have the save any longer.
2010-04-19 21:03   
I think there is something wrong with items outside stockpiles, sometimes they are not yet tasked for hauling into stockpile but behave like they were, and noone wants to touch them.
2010-04-24 00:47   
This might be closely related to 0001173.
2010-06-21 13:36   
Do you happen to still have a save for this? If so, does it reproduce in 31.08?
2010-06-22 05:52   
It sounds like it wasn't a bug.
2011-02-25 02:53   
I agree with Kyle_Solo - OP fixed his problem by changing the options. Other reporters' posts should be covered by other reported issues.