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0001272Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Flowspublic2010-04-17 02:042021-03-04 10:19
0001272: Warm stone status is not cleared properly
When a tile is filled with 1/7 or higher magma, all squares including diagonally-adjacent squares are marked "warm stone". When the tile stops being filled with magma, only the orthogonally-adjacent squares have their "warm stone" status cleared.
magma, temperature
has duplicate 0006033resolved Footkerchief Areas once covered in magma seemingly not being cleared for pathfinding across 
related to 0001610resolved Footkerchief Buggy volcano - warm stone flag not properly placed on tiles around volcano 
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2010-05-27 20:53   
Likely a holdover from version 0.28 - I recall seeing the exact same thing in all of my fortresses.
2013-06-04 16:00   
Interestingly, digging out the affected tiles appears to clear their "warm stone" status, without causing harm to the miner (as far as I can tell). (I have temperature enabled)
2013-09-22 17:27   
0006033:0023486: http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=6818 [^]
2017-11-28 02:29   
This is still present in 0.44.02 -- my fortress is in a reanimating biome, so I set up a 1x1 vertical shaft with magma at the bottom as a refuse incinerator (and automated it by using a minecart drawing from the refuse pile). The magma was delivered by minecart. Once the first load of magma had been dumped down the shaft, the corners, but not the orthogonal sides, were marked as "warm", even though the magma had been on the level for only one tick, and was now gone.

Vanilla install, no utilities, temperature is ON.
2019-04-22 20:57   
(edited on: 2019-04-22 21:07)
Also still present in 44.12. I've replicated the behavior in several forts, and have several saves available, but the easiest way to describe it is:

Default everything, vanilla install, temperature on, 0.44.12:

Pump magma across a path. Let the magma drain away. Now, no creatures can use that path until one of two things happens:
1) The game is saved and loaded; This will resolve it, pathing is immediately fixed and working after save/load.
2) A dwarf is sent to build a floor tile construction _adjacent_ to the broken pathing tiles/area. Once they do this, the area becomes pathable again.

However, if you don't do one of those things? No invaders. No animals. No dwarves, no liaisons, no merchants, no traders, no visitors. No-one will ever use that path, forever. Also, the tile is NOT warm. Obviously it was when magma was flowing over it, but after it has cooled, the problem still remains. No adjacent tiles are warm, either.

The pathing issue bug location can be seen if you b-C-f and move the cursor over the affected area, the cursor will turn pink instead of green, and the message: "No access to building material non-economic item" will be shown in the Floor Placement text area.

Again, saves are available if desired/required.

2021-03-04 10:19   
This bug is still present in 0.47.05.
Temperature enabled, no mods, only utility in use is Dwarf Therapist.