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0001287Dwarf FortressTechnical -- Generalpublic2010-04-18 03:122014-08-04 10:36
Toady One 
0001287: Possible to bind k to 'leave screen'
It is possible to accidentally bind 'k' in key bindings as the 'leave screen' command. This has the result of effectivly stopping you from changing any more bindings (since pressing k moves you away from the screen).
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2010-04-18 03:26   
change you keybinding raw
2010-04-18 03:29   
^^^ He probably already knows that. It's still a bug, even if there's a workaround.
2014-08-04 10:36   
While it's still possible to bind 'k' to LEAVESCREEN, it is not irreversible (unless I'm misunderstanding this report) - even if the LEAVESCREEN binding is deleted entirely, only OPTIONS is necessary to change keybindings. I'm going to assume this was fixed in 0.34.01, but please PM me on the forums if this is incorrect.