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0001294Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Workshop Profilespublic2010-04-18 10:502014-09-11 14:43
Toady One 
WindowsXPSP 2
0001294: Workshop profile min/max skill level setting is off by one (from rust?)
I have one jeweller: a competent gem cutter and competent gem setter. I have one jeweller's workshop with a gem cutting job. (The raw gems are available and reachable.) I've set the workshop profile min skill level to 'competent'. My jeweller prefers "No Job" to an honest day's work. When I remove the skill requirement and set the shop to allow only him, he starts cutting the gems like the happy little jeweller he is.
I haven't tried this with a new fort, but it is reproducible with my current fort.
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2010-04-18 13:58   
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I just confirmed this. I have a Talented Mechanic and I set the minimum skill at the Mechanic's Workshop to Talented, and he wouldn't take the job. I moved the minimum down one, to Proficient, and he took the job immediately. Same deal for maximum skill. It's off by one. Good find.

2010-04-21 21:51   
Confirmed this.

Assigning indivdual dwarves works just fine.

However it looks like using it based on skill levels does not work. I have legendaries happily working at workshops with a max skill level of high master. I also cannot make legendary only workshops. It seems either the skill level is too high for even legendaries to work there, but if I lower it all of the rookies flock there to use up my precious steel.
2010-04-21 22:14   
Shaggy Frog   
2010-06-09 23:38   
Still happening in 31.06
2010-06-18 00:03   
I'm guessing that this, and related issues, may be related to skill "rust" - i.e. the profiles are checking the current (rusted) skill level, which might be less than what's displayed in the dwarf info.
Toady One   
2014-09-11 14:43   
If the issue was rust, that was intended, but if it's confusing I'll go ahead and change it. I couldn't get it to reproduce in general.