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0001359Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-20 00:412014-01-27 13:52
0001359: Doctors in burrows cannot drop supplies without proper stockpiles
This is a compound issue, but the behavior still causes major problems. When suturing or bandaging a patient in a burrow without access to a cloth stockpile, the remaining unused portion of the bandage or thread will remain in the doctor's hand while they attempt to find a stockpile to drop it in. This causes the doctor to jitter back and forth while spamming the announcements with "[dwarf] cancels store item in bin: drop-off inaccessible". Forbidding the item in the doctor's hand allows them to move on to other tasks. The patient is still sutured or bandaged despite the doctor being stuck after the task.
Put a doctor in a burrow without access to cloth stockpiles and have them suture or bandage an injured dwarf.
More than anything I suspect this has to do with the code for partial use of a product, as (I think) it is implemented with thread and cloth for medical procedures. A dwarf failing to drop an item in a stockpile normally drops the item and moves on. The doctors, however, are compelled to drop the item in an stockpile, probably because of this new feature (partial use of cloth/thread). Aside from the problem of access to a stockpile, available chests in the hospital for storage do not seem to help relieve the issue either.
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It's not unique to the suture/bandage jobs, at least not entirely. See 0000600 for a collection of similar reports.
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I agree, it looks to be the same problem as the others you referenced. I had forgotten that the same behavior also happened for cleaning patients with buckets.