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0001381Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-04-20 19:272010-06-11 05:25
Toady One 
0001381: Stairs/Ramps through HFS in the magma layer halts pathfinding (dug out areas too hot for dwarves?)
When digging into a HFS pipe through the magma layer (HFS is surrounded by magma) path finding into it becomes impossible after awhile (tiles become too hot?) Not really a bug if it is it adds a realistic feel to it. But I wanted to unleash and gather more preaciuos metal rock from HFS (dig to hell)

perhaps dwarves can get hot/thursty/hurt? after long exposure in these very hot places instead of ignoring them? (also give bad thoughts?)
dig into a pipe (does not have to be HFS) and any ramps or stairs next to the warm wall (outer wall by magma) it will become unuseable
For some this is a huge issue but for me right now I have disabled TEMATURE in the init and this has boasted FPS greatly, going to see if Temp is the problem in this case. If pathfinding still fails its a bug
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has duplicate 0001872closed Logical2u Stairs dug and floors made in HFS at the magma layer are ignored/cannot be used 
child of 0001319resolved Toady One Pathfinding problems after lowest cavern layer is breached 
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This sounds exactly like 0001319 -- that one had stairs carved in adamantine that the dwarves refused to use for no apparent reason. That report included a save, but an additional save might be helpful. http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^]