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0001392Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Haulingpublic2010-04-21 08:032010-06-09 06:46
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0001392: removing allowed items from stockpile causes haulage jobs in progress to freeze.
Put up several refuse stockpiles to sort out bone, shells and skins from other remains. While setting this up, a dwarf got stuck in haul from/to stockpile.

Saving/reloading did not free the dwarf, removing haul debris from his joblist did.
hauling, pathfinding, stockpile
duplicate of 0000086resolved Toady One "Take from stockpile" doesn't work, results in dwarves standing around looking confused 
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Description suggests all haulage is affected, not so.
Only dwarfs performing jobs involved directly with the stockpile with altered settings are affected.

Seems the stockpile itself is buggered (or the tasks it generated before changing settings and transport):
a new dwarf is now taking and abandoning haulage tasks of several refusetypes.
Corpse and bodyparts are allowed in the source pile as well as the target pile.

Removing the stockpile solved the problem of dwarves picking up a nervous tissue and dropping it again after a few seconds. (at FPS12, which is normal for me)

2010-04-21 08:53   
See 0000597. Were any burrows involved in this situation?
2010-04-21 09:04   
Its sounding like burrows are causing a whole bunch of issues....
2010-04-21 09:15   
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No burrows designated as yet.

This is in a very early fort, above ground, collect refuse from outside on.
multiple stockpiles, take from stockpile X and restricted stockpile items were the only factors involved.
Inaccessability of dropoff stockpile may be an issue, but rather through changed allowances (eg take remains from A to B, but B is no longer taking remains)
or deleted stockpile. (though I feel canceling of jobs associated with deleted SPs works fine)

edit: Have reproduced this for woodstockpiles, it involves the 'take from stockpile' mechanics, not stockpile settings or refuse.
This could be a symptom of the known pathing issues rather than a separate bug.
To reproduce, set up several stockpiles of the same type and set one to take from several others.

Dwarves will pick up an item from one stockpile and freeze there for a relatively long time, drop the item and repeat with another item/task.

2010-04-24 07:31   
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Child/duplicate of 0000086

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Ah okay, thanks for investigating.