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0001410Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Healthcarepublic2010-04-21 16:422012-04-11 11:59
0001410: Injured Soldiers Never Recover
Soldiers never heal once placed in the hospital. They are regularly sutured/wound dressed by a grand master at each, and have been in the hospital for years. -One-, I believe, went from bright yellow upper body to dark yellow upper body - and still spent years in the hospital. Another had a bright yellow 'Head'. This one had previously had a bright yellow 'Skull', but that healed. The head did not. Another had a bright yellow 'Lower body', as well as another minor area and a dark yellow 'cheek'. Later, some of my other dwarves also obtained some dark yellow, incredibly minor wounds - which they would spend eternity in the hospital for.

Cancelling the beds seems to cause them to get up and run off to practice again. The wounds still never heal, but at least they become useful.

Worth noting is the point that my doctors have all available equipment for use - the only thing being requested is dressing and suturing, both of which are given at very high level with no affect. A huge stack of cloth has ended up on the floor below these beds - particularly the first Upper Body dwarf.
Have dwarven soldiers get injured, then sent to a designated hospital.
duplicate of 0000094confirmed Toady One Injured dwarves not recovered, ignored by doctors, and/or don't get food/water 
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Without save, probably fixed or needs strange situation as this never happened i my games.