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0001456Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Itemspublic2010-04-23 09:242014-07-30 10:12
Toady One 
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0001456: HFS item shows up in Rooms/Buildings, lever link menu
In 0.31.01 you could zoom to the Adamantine Longsword from the stocks menu. That's been fixed, but now you can zoom to it (reveal it's location) by trying to attach a lever to a spike.
- Embark somewhere with an Adamantine Longsword
- Build a lever
- Choose attach lever to spike
- Scroll until you see the Adamantine Longsword
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has duplicate 0002240resolved Footkerchief View Rooms/Buildings shows item 92 levels deep 
has duplicate 0007476resolved Footkerchief In reclaimed ruin, rooms/buildings in unexposed areas show up in list 
child of 0000010resolved Toady One Unrevealed underground civs/items/buildings/events show up in Stocks/Rooms, mess up wealth count, etc 
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2011-03-27 10:13   
Confirmed that this is still an issue as of 31.22. Adamantine two-handed sword does not show up in stocks, nor add to the wealth of the fortress, but does show up in the Rooms list, and is zoomable from there.
2012-02-17 00:54   
Still a problem as of 0.34.1, NOT resolved.