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0001467Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2010-04-23 14:202010-06-11 05:25
Toady One 
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0001467: Broken pathfinding on demonic tower
With some reclaim-scumming and adventureing, I managed to secure the lower portion of a demonic fortress, and proceeded to claim it, however my dwarves refused to path to something like 5 layers below the level where once was the glowing floor. While stairs connected the floors, they seemed to not have active pathfinding at all as I couldn't build walls and such (it said no acess to stone)

I tried to build my own down-stair (as it appears down-stair constructs can pierce slade floors), and a square area of about 8x8 or so around the newly built stair shaft apparently got pathfinding (could build walls alright in that spot, it managed to find stone), but the rest of that floor and those after it still were inacessible.

Sadly I don't have the save for this fort anymore
1: Embark on a site with demonic fortress
2: Dig a path to the fortress
3: Abandon the fort
4: Come in as an adventurer, clean up the upper floors from zombies that might be lingering around, go down, steal the adamantine weapon so the glowing floor vanishes.
5: run for your life and then leave adv. mode
6: Reclaim fort
7: Test floors of the demonic fortress for pathing.
child of 0001319resolved Toady One Pathfinding problems after lowest cavern layer is breached 
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See 0001319. There seems to be a general problem with pathfinding in the deeper cavern layers.